What’s in my Diaper Bag?

Having a baby means having a lot of baby gear. There are a TON of things that babies need everyday, from burp cloths to diapers. This is what I keep packed in my diaper bag for outings with my baby.... Continue Reading →


10 Baby Names I LOVE but Won’t Be Using Pt. 2

There are so many names to choose from when deciding on a name for your child. Here are some of my favorite names for babies!     What are YOUR favorite baby names? I'd love to hear them!

Tips for Traveling & Flying with a Newborn

When my daughter was only 6 weeks old, my husband and I flew with her to San Diego for a wedding. I already knew that we would need to make the trip to San Diego when I got pregnant, and I was anxious... Continue Reading →

Life with a Newborn (5 days old)

We brought our daughter Avery home from the hospital the day after she was born, and we all took time adjusting to life with the new addition to the family! Babies truly change your life in every way. You feel... Continue Reading →

Meet Baby Avery! Baby’s First Week of Life

She's here! Baby Avery Rae was born on May 19, 2016 and is absolutely perfect. I documented her first week of life, and tried to capture tons of her first moments. She truly is a little angel, and I couldn't... Continue Reading →

Baby Nursery Closet Organization

When setting up my baby's nursery, I took my time figuring out the optimal layout for her closet. I wanted to fit as much baby gear and clothes as possible in her small  60" wide by 24" deep closet. I think I... Continue Reading →

Avery’s Nursery Tour!

Hey guys! So I spent weeks and weeks planning out and decorating Avery's nursery. We decided to go with a coral and aqua theme with tons of floral and butterfly accents. I think her nursery turned out super cute, and... Continue Reading →

Baby Girl Clothing Haul

I purchased and received SO MANY CLOTHES for my daughter before she was born. Like, an absurd amount of adorable, tiny outfits that my baby will wear at some point. They are all so cute, I had to share them... Continue Reading →

Baby Name Reveal!

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