When my daughter was only 6 weeks old, my husband and I flew with her to San Diego for a wedding. I already knew that we would need to make the trip to San Diego when I got pregnant, and I was anxious about it all the way up to the day our flight was booked. Now that I’ve officially flown/travelled with a newborn baby in tow, I have a few tips and bits of wisdom to share with all those nervous moms out there who are dreading trying to travel with their baby and/or small children.

I’ll start off by saying that it took us a while to decide whether we would drive or fly. San Diego is about a 9 hour drive (stopping only for gas) from where I live, and is about an hour and a half flight. My husband and I decided it would be easier on the baby and us to be traveling for less time, even though it might be more challenging to navigate the airport.

My first tip would be to gate check your stroller and/or carseat. This is free to you as a passenger, and they will have the stroller waiting for you as soon as you get off the plane. It’s much easier to navigate an airport with your child safely in a stroller than it is trying to carry the baby along with your luggage.

Watch the video below for the rest of my tips and suggestions!