When setting up my baby’s nursery, I took my time figuring out the optimal layout for her closet. I wanted to fit as much baby gear and clothes as possible in her small  60″ wide by 24″ deep closet. I think I was successful in that!

The video below shows a complete tour of the closet, and I’ve linked the products I used in the closet down below for you guys as well.

Products Used:
Closet Maid 31″ Vertical Stackable Closet Organizer: http://amzn.to/1MIl0ap
Rubbermaid 4 food by 12 inch Closet Shelf: http://amzn.to/23JW4GR
DollarTree Essentials Tan Collapsible Storage Containers with Handles: http://bit.ly/1U6GS0s
Dollar Tree Children’s Plastic Hangers: http://bit.ly/1NBl1Yw
Sterilite 5-Drawer Wide Tower, White: http://bit.ly/1QnatvI


Take Care!