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Hey guys! Today I want to share with you my experience at Disneyland and California Adventures during Christmas. As always, Disney did a wonderful job decorating the parks with tons of festive surprises, including giant Christmas trees, garland, lights, poinsettias, and ornaments galore. There were also several special holiday shows, such as the Buena Vista Street Tree Lighting, “A Christmas Fantasy Parade,” and so much more!


My favorite part about the Disney parks during the holidays is the fact that they change some of the rides to a more Christmas-y theme! The rides we went on that had been holiday-ified include the Jungle Cruise (which becomes the Jingle Cruise), the Haunted Mansion which is taken over by Nightmare Before Christmas, and It’s a Small World. The rides are just so fun and cheery, and something special to see during this time of year.

I highly recommend visiting the Disney Parks during the holidays. I had such a great time, and I know you will too!!

Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite time of year to visit Disney!