Valentine’s Day Decor Home Tour!

Who is excited for Valentine's Day? I am! My house is all decorated and ready to go for vday, complete with DIY decor and so many fun and festive elements. Check out the video below to see how I decorated... Continue Reading →


How to Create a Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

Creating a budgeting spreadsheet to keep track of your monthly personal finances can be a daunting task. I created this spreadsheet for my family to use to keep track of our income, expenses, and savings. I've created a template for... Continue Reading →


Hey guys! I decided to participate in VLOGMAS this year? What's vlogmas? Vlogmas is a Christmas video series where I post a video every day through Christmas Day! See the rest of the playlist here!

What’s in my Diaper Bag?

Having a baby means having a lot of baby gear. There are a TON of things that babies need everyday, from burp cloths to diapers. This is what I keep packed in my diaper bag for outings with my baby.... Continue Reading →

10 Baby Names I LOVE but Won’t Be Using Pt. 2

There are so many names to choose from when deciding on a name for your child. Here are some of my favorite names for babies!     What are YOUR favorite baby names? I'd love to hear them!

5 Things To Do Before Your Due Date

As the months pass by and we grow more and more impatient to meet our little bundles of joy, there are a few key things we can all accomplish to make life after giving birth a little easier.


Being a stay at home mom is hard. I mean, really hard. It's hard with a newborn, and just gets harder and harder as that adorable little baby grows older and isn't sleeping 18 hours per day. As stay at home... Continue Reading →

Tips for Traveling & Flying with a Newborn

When my daughter was only 6 weeks old, my husband and I flew with her to San Diego for a wedding. I already knew that we would need to make the trip to San Diego when I got pregnant, and I was anxious... Continue Reading →

DIY Canvas Art Trio Tutorial

One of the projects I did for my daughter's nursery is this canvas art trio. I found three different sized canvases and did something different on each one. I covered the largest canvas in the same fabric that I used to... Continue Reading →

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